Updated: Feb 2, 2021

A note from our founder

When I first began to become serious about my self-care, I was completely unsure of how to start. There were a few missteps and breakthroughs along the way. I had to do a bit of research, seek out mentors, and read quite a few books before I felt sure of my journey. My mentors and guides became my friends and they helped me grow and blossom. What I realized during this process I could not find all the information in one place and it needed to be. I also understood the importance of community.

I dreamed of a community that wasn't bound by geography, where I could easily find others on the same journey. Where I could brag about my latest mental health breakthrough and then make plans for a detox over the weekend. Where I could pay as much attention to my goals and milestones as I wanted to.

That's why I created this app and community. I hope you'll join us and see how we can make your wellness experience even better.


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